Did Jimin from BTS get braces? (2023)

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Why did Jimin get braces?

Jimin revealed that he has chipped and broken his teeth more than once by hitting them on his microphone. His upper teeth have been jarred loose several times from impact. He has even had one of his front teeth repaired after cracking it three times with his microphone.

Who wore braces in BTS?

Did BTS' Jimin Get Braces Already? Ever since learning that Jimin has been considering braces, fans have been paying close attention to his look, and some strongly believe he has had clear braces for some time now.

Who is Jimin's brother?

Why did Jimin get surgery on his hand?

He consulted doctors and was told he required surgery as the tendons in the finger had been partially damaged. He underwent surgery to repair the extensor in his left index finger on the afternoon of Friday, March 18."

Who wear lenses in BTS?

Jimin isn't the only BTS member who wears glasses for fashion and, sometimes, for function. According to fans on Quora, most of the BTS members do need prescription glasses. Jin, RM, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, and V often wear contacts while in public to improve their vision.

What happen to Jimin teeth?

You know when I'm singing, it sometimes breaks off because of the mic. So I went to the dentist and got consultation for braces." The singer said he was aware of how much fans love his tooth arrangement but he is considering putting on braces. Jimin also teased a comeback spoiler.

Does Jimin have ear piercings?

How Many Piercings Does Jimin Have? Jimin has five piercings in his ears - two in his left and three in his right.

What is a Jimin effect?

The “Jimin Effect” refers to BTS's Jimin and is defined as a “short circuit that happens in the wiring of the brain when one first experiences a visual encounter with Park Jimin.” It will usually result in feelings of love and happiness but differs depending on what version of Jimin is encountered.

Who wear best outfits in BTS?

Suga, also known as Min Yoongi, the lead rapper of BTS and Tatler Asia's Most Stylish honouree is one of the most fashion-forward members of the group. Here, we break down his best fashion moments.

Who has braces in K-pop?

One example of a KPOP idols with braces in 2021 is Stray Kids' Seungmin. According to the photos circulating online, he has lingual braces. But on the other side, as a singer, Seungmin realized that having normal braces is easier to have when singing.

How do I talk to BTS on Vlive?

About VLIVE chat: - There are chatrooms for both regular BTS channel & the BTS+ channel. They usually chat in BTS+ (like Joon today) but have chatted in the regular one as well. - If you select “Celeb chat” you can just see what they say. But yes, ARMY can interact in the room!

Does Jimin have a tattoo?

The singer has many tattoos on his body and each one of them has a special significance or meaning. During his recent LIVE chat with ARMY on Weverse, the 'With You' singer revealed that he got new moon tattoos after his best friend and BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung showed him a fan art.

What does Jimin's name mean?

Origin:Korean. Meaning:My wisdom will be higher than the sky. Jimin, also spelled Ji-min and Jee-min, is a gender-neutral name of Korean origin. With the insightful meaning, "my wisdom will be higher than the sky," baby will be inspired to seek the answers they desire in life.

Is rm an only child?

How is Jimin in hospital?

He had a mild sore throat at the time of his admission but has since completely recovered. We also received word from the medical staff that his surgical site is quickly healing without any issues. Jimin is currently recuperating after being discharged from the hospital.

Why is Jimin Nevermind tattoo?


This song is the intro for BTS's The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2 album. The placement of Jimin's “NEVERMIND” tattoos is believed to be inspired by these lyrics, “Never mind / It's not easy but engrave it onto your chest”.

Who is worldwide handsome?

Kim Seok-jin, better known as Jin, is one of the charismatic members of South Korean band BTS. The 29-year-old singer often introduces himself as “worldwide handsome” followed by a flying kiss.

Is BTS color blind?

It was reported that Taehyung suffers from 'monochromatic blindness' meaning he could only see shades of gray and it's like seeing the world through an old black and white television screen.

What glasses does Jimin wear?

In Dynamite, Jimin wears DD_C2, an oversized look with tinted lenses. Gentle Monster – This brand offers statement-making sunglasses for any occasion.

Why did RM always wear glasses?

Conversation. [FACT] RM always wore sunglasses during “No More Dream” debut era because he was afraid that people would judge him by his appearance.

Is Jimin left handed?

Six members of BTS are right-handed

That includes RM, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, and Jimin.

What is the habit of Jimin?

Five endearing habits of BTS' Jimin: Pouting, nose scrunch, and more. From being clumsy and falling off chairs to pouting like a baby, BTS' Jimin has mastered 'the art of attraction.

Did Jimin grew his hair?

“I like trying new things and I wanted to show a new side to myself, so I started growing it out. I guess it was a kind of challenge,” Jimin said. The BTS singer continued, “It's annoying that hair keeps poking into my ears, but other than that, I like it.

Is V left handed?

While V was born left-handed, the BTS member has trained his right hand so that he is equally dominant in both hands aka use both hands with ease. Not only has he repeatedly admitted to being born a lefty, but the other members of the Korean boy band have also said the same thing about him.

Does V have a tattoo?

BTS' V says he got friendship tattoo inked on his butt, replies to fan who says Jungkook ignores them.

Does Jimin have a rib tattoo?

These aren't the first tattoos Jimin has sported publicly and fans have duly noticed. The star also has a “Young Forever” tattoo just above each of his elbows on the back of both his arms, a “13” on his wrist, and the ever-so-popular “Nevermind” across his ribs.

What are the qualities of Jimin?

Caring and Kindness

Jimin is great at comforting not just the members but also ARMYs. On Weverse, we have seen Jimin being active and sharing comfort through his messages to ARMYs. He may have not met each and every one of them in person, but his kind heart sees kindness in everyone and wishes well for them.

What was written on Jimin's hand in filter?

The photo is even made more beautiful as it clearly shows Jimin's artistic and exquisite hand markings of Latin words Illecebra and Arcanus, meaning temptation and mysterious, respectively.

What type of dance did Jimin do?

Jimin is often praised for his great contemporary dancing skills, but he excels in all styles of dance, including popping, locking, and hip-hop!

Who wash the clothes of BTS?

1) Jungkook is said to have an obession with laundry. Jimin previously revealed maknae Jungkook had washed all of the members' laundry, and his love of laundry didn't go unnoticed as all the older members gathered together to buy him a powerful, drum laundry machine.

What is the Favourite brand of V?

Taehyung loves one brand in particular and can't seem to get enough of it, so much so that he is even called 'Gucci Boy'! He doesn't need an occasion to sport his favourite brand and here are our three favourite picks. For BTS's first english song Dynamite, V sported his favourite brand in the music video.

What is BTS Favourite brand?

BTS's outfits often come fresh from the runway and they have left few fashion houses unentered. Celine, Dior, Givenchy, Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren have all outfitted RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and JungKook, while Louis Vuitton appointing them house ambassadors early on in 2021.

How much do braces cost in Korea?

Price of getting braces in Korea

The price range for getting braces in Korea usually ranges between $5,000 to $10,000.

Can I be a K-pop idol if I have braces?

Yes, you can still be a kpop idol even if you have braces. Kpop idols have had braces like: Yoon Sanha from Astro (stan them!) If you could be friends with any K-pop idol, who would it be and why?

Is BTS VLive free?

VLive is free to use and can even be used without an account for fans.

What is BTS full form?

BTS, in full Bangtan Sonyeondan (Korean: “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” or “Bangtan Boys”), also called Beyond the Scene, South Korean K-pop (Korean pop music) band that shot to international stardom in the late 2010s.

Which app BTS use for live?

Then, come concert time, all you'll need to do to watch BTS perform on your computer is click this link. Alternatively, stream the concert on the mobile Weverse app or on the Weverse Smart TV app.

What is Jimin's favorite fruit?

​Park Jimin

Fans associate peaches with Park Jimin as it is sweet, tasty and has an enticing aroma, and much like peaches, the artist leaves a long lasting impression on his fans.

Does Jimin have house?

Park Jimin purchased his new house in the Nine One Hannam Complex, worth KRW5. 9 billion. Jimin's house covers about 293.93 square meters, with a utility area of 244.34 square meters. The singer bought his new home without a loan.

What does Jimin's rib tattoo say?

In 2014, Jimin ripped off his tank top during a MAMA performance, revealing the word "nevermind" scrawled along his ribs. The tattoo turned out to be temporary. It also was a sneaky spoiler. "Intro: Nevermind" ended up being the teaser song for BTS's next comeback.

What is Jimin fav word?

Jimin, being the keener that he is, loved the English word “yippee” so much he even Tweeted its definition to all their followers.

What's Jimin's fav color?

20. Black and blue are his favorite colors.

Why is Jimin called Baby mochi?

ARMYs have been calling Jimin “mochi” because of how cute he is, especially when he pouts. Jimin's pout makes his cheeks look soft and squishy like the Japanese sweet treat. Jimin has been known to use his pout ever since he debuted and it always makes him look super sweet!

Who is the 2nd leader of BTS?

J-Hope is the second leader of BTS: When the rapper 'guarded' Jimin after he fainted, helped exhausted RM | Entertainment News,The Indian Express.

Is RM virgin or not?

RM liberally said himself he is not a virgin lol. You ever heared Suga's part in cypher pt 3? Or Agust D..yep, he's definitely not a virgin eitjer.

Did Jin go military?

Jin shared during the live broadcast, “I originally planned to enlist in June but in order to be courteous to fans, I waited until our October performance (in Busan). I didn't want a tearful performance so my enlistment announcement was delayed.”

Does BTS Jimin have glasses?

BTS's Jimin has been spotted wearing glasses as well as contact lenses. Even during the live sessions with his fans, he is often spotted wearing a glass that goes well with his outfit. In reality, Jimin only wears glasses for fashion purposes and has no prescription for wearing the glasses, as per cheatsheet.com.

Is Jimin a black belt?

Jimin has black belt in taekwondo. Jimin became the only Korean artist to top the iTunes charts with all his solo songs in Venezuela and Turkmenistan these songs including 'Filter', 'Lie', 'Serendipity' and 'Serendipity' (full-length version) and 'Friends. '

Does Jimin have a helix piercing?

Jimin – 5 Piercings

“It didn't really hurt. I always wanted to get one on my Helix, but I can't since my ears don't heal well,” he said.

What degree did Jimin get?

He graduated with a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment Education. BTS Jimin has a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment Education.

Who is lefty in BTS?

While V was born left-handed, the BTS member has trained his right hand so that he is equally dominant in both hands aka use both hands with ease. Not only has he repeatedly admitted to being born a lefty, but the other members of the Korean boy band have also said the same thing about him.

Which lip balm does jk use?

Jungkook also sparked a craze for this Nivea lip balm when he applied it to his lips in a BangtanTV “Bangtan Bomb”. For a while, stores even used this illustration of Jungkook to promote the product, allegedly without permission.

Is V on Snapchat?

But the guys — all seven of them: Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, RM, Suga, and V — have appeared on Snow, the South Korean version of Snapchat.

Does Jimin own a car?

BTS singer and dancer Jimin is not a car fanatic. He has expressed the same in many media interactions. He even said that he got a driving license just for the sake of it. However, just like Jin, he owns a Porsche Panamera GTS worth $179,800.

What kind of student was Jimin?

Jimin was a valedictorian, class president for 9 consecutive years, #1 in math+chemistry, studied hip hop + contemporary, (dances ALL genres) was a member of Football and Billiard club, has black belt in taekwondo, 8 years of kendo, plays piano, composes music and writes lyrics, was the only person to be offered a ...

Who is Jimin closest member?

All the BTS band members are quite close to each other. However, it is J-Hope with whom Jimin shares his room with and being roommates, the two have seen the best and worst of each other. J-Hope has seen Jimin's most vulnerable and weak side as well. And they have been each other's strengths at such times.

Does JK has tongue piercing?

4. Unconfirmed piercings. Jungkook has certainly gotten a lot of new piercings recently, but some ARMY think there might be even more that we don't know about. One of these is a tongue piercing.

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