How do you cheat the reindeer in Cookie Clicker? (2023)

How do you enter cheats in Cookie Clicker?

Microsoft Windows: Press F12 or CTRL + SHIFT + K to open the console. Mac OS: Press ⌘ + OPTION + K to open the console. Click on the "scratchpad" icon on the right. After entering the desired code, press CTRL + R to execute it.

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What is the cheat code for Cookie Clicker?

There is no real way to get infinite cursors. However, you can use the code "Game. cookies=infinity", which will give you infinite cookies to buy cursors.

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How do you get 777777 Cookie Clicker?

You have to have the 777777 at the end the moment you buy the upgrade. Originally posted by Primeval Revenant: as long as the last digits of your heavenly cookie number are 777777 then youll have it.

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What is the 20 million Cookie Clicker?

The Temple is a building added in the legacy update. It is the seventh building, cost 20 million cookies and produces 7,800 CpS by discovering them in the temple. Temples can be upgraded with sugar lumps, unlocking the Pantheon minigame.

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How do you get Devtools in Cookie Clicker?

1 What is the name for Devtools in Cookie Clicker?
How do I get dev tools?
  1. Keyboard: Ctrl + Shift + I , except. ...
  2. Menu bar: Firefox: Menu.

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What is the 71 quintillion thing in Cookie Clicker?

The Javascript console is a building added in the going off-script update. It is the seventeenth building in the game, costs 71 quintillion cookies and produces 1.1 trillion CpS by creating cookies from Cookie Clicker's very code.

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What is the 310 quadrillion thing in Cookie Clicker?

The Fractal Engine is a building added in the feedback loop update. It is the sixteenth building in the game, costs 310 quadrillion cookies and produces 150 billion CpS by making cookies into even more cookies.

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What is the 26 quadrillion thing in Cookie Clicker?

Introduction. The Chancemaker is a building added in the 4 more years update. It is the fifteenth building in the game, costs 26 quadrillion cookies and produces 21 billion CpS by spontaneously generating them.

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What is the 170 trillion thing in Cookie Clicker?

The Antimatter Condenser is a building added in the anticookies update. It is the thirteenth building, costs 170 trillion cookies and produces 430 million CpS by condensing the antimatter in the universe into cookies.

What is the 75 billion thing in Cookie Clicker?

The alchemy lab is the tenth building in the game, costs 75 billion cookies and produces 1.6 million CpS by transmuting gold into cookies.

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What is the 12 sextillion thing in Cookie Clicker?

Introduction. The Idleverse is a building added in the alternate reality update. It is the eighteenth building in the game, costs 12 sextillion cookies and produces 8.3 trillion CpS by hijacking production from other idle universes.

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How do you summon the Grandmapocalypse in Cookie Clicker?

To start the Grandmapocalypse, you must have at least seven Grandma types, and at least six grandmas. You will then have access to the Bingo center/Research facility. This will allow you different research/upgrades and eventually the "One Mind" Upgrade.

How do you cheat the reindeer in Cookie Clicker? (2023)
How do you summon Grandmapocalypse?

You can trigger the Grandmapocalypse by purchasing the "One Mind" upgrade from the Research Facility. If you don't have a Research facility yet you can unlock it by having the "elder achievement" (have at least 7 different grandmas).

What is the highest number in Cookie Clicker?

Actually, from what I've seen it's novemnonagintacentillion if we're not counting infinity. I used hacks to give myself insane numbers and once I reached 999 novemnonagintacentillion I was fully unable to gain anymore unless I gave myself an infinite number.

What is the hardest thing to get in Cookie Clicker?

"True Neverclick", which requires you to make a million cookies without clicking the Big Cookie at all. The only way to really get it is to use Golden Cookies and hope for a "Lucky!" reward, as "Frenzy" and "Click Frenzy" are reliant on your CPS and/or clicking to work.

What is the 1 trillion building in Cookie Clicker?

Sugar lump Upgrades
BuildingBase CostBase CpS
Shipment Shipment5.1 billion260,000
Alchemy lab Alchemy Lab75 billion1.6 million
Portal Portal1 trillion10 million
Time machine Time Machine14 trillion65 million
15 more rows

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