What does Yam head mean in Jamaica? (2023)

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What does Yam mean in Jamaican slang?

List of Jamaican Patois words of African origin
Red EyeAkan"envious - direct translation from Akan into English"
AdrueAkan, Ewe"powder, medicine, drug"
Afasia, afasayahAkan, Ewe"inferior wild yam"
AfuAkan"yam" or "plantation"
40 more rows

What is a Jamaican yam head?

Dan Dan on Instagram: ““YamHead” 🍠- Is defined as a man or a woman who is in a relationship and being made a fool of by their significant other. In Jamaica 1 in…”

What does Yamabella mean in Jamaican?

The term “yamabella” refers to female “yam heads,” a Jamaican term that defines a person who is foolish and easily manipulated.

What does Baldhead mean in Jamaica?

baldhead (Noun)

Meaning/Description: anybody without dreadlocks, accepting the establishment. Jamaica. 40.4K subscribers.

What are some Jamaican slang words?

These are the top Jamaican sayings and phrases to use when you visit Jamaica:
  • 'Weh Yuh Ah Seh' The literal translation of this Jamaican saying is, “What are you saying?”. ...
  • 'Boonoonoonoos' ...
  • 'Small Up Yuhself' ...
  • 'Wah Gwaan' ...
  • 'Irie' ...
  • 'Mi Deh Yah, Yuh Know' ...
  • 'Weh Yuh Deh Pon' ...
  • 'Ya Mon'
27 Mar 2018

What is a boo boo in Jamaica?

I knew what a “boo-boo” was long before I knew how to boo. I was a boy when Lord Melody sang his classic, self-mocking calypso about ugliness, “Mamma Look Ah Boo-boo Dey”. In Guyana “bubu” has a different meaning – it is essentially dry mucus around the eyes or what Barbadians and Jamaicans call “bugaboo”.

Why do they call it yam?

The word yam is derived from nyam, nyami, or nyambi, verbs of various African dialects meaning either “to taste” or “to eat.” The prevailing theory is that enslaved Africans applied these terms over time to the sweet potatoes available in the Americas, which took the place in their diet of the staple root vegetable ...

What is a Bobo head?

A bobblehead, also known by common silly nicknames such as nodder, wobbler, or wacky wobbler, is a type of small collectible action figure. Its head is often oversized compared to its body.

What is a butty head?

butt·​head ˈbət-ˌhed. plural buttheads. : a stupid, incompetent, or annoying person.

What do they call gangsters in Jamaica?

Yardie gangs or Jamaican "posses" are involved in a wide array of criminal activity depending on their location, ranging from political corruption, political violence, and assassination in Jamaica to drug trafficking and gang violence in the US, Canada, and UK.

What does bedrin mean in Jamaica?

Noun. bredrin (plural bredrins) (Rastafari) A close male friend, family member, or comrade.

What is the Jamaican word for gangster?

shotta (plural shottas) (Jamaica, slang) An armed gangster.

What is a rude boy in Jamaica?

in Jamaica) a member of a group of lower- or working-class teenagers in the 1960s, noted for listening to ska music and for juvenile delinquency: they inspired the later rude-boy fashion in Britain. Also called: rudie, rudy, rudi. Word origin.

What does OJ mean in Jamaica?

Order of Jamaica

The honour of the Order of Jamaica (OJ), ranked fourth in the order. of precedence, may be conferred upon any Jamaican citizen of. outstanding distinction or upon any distinguished citizen of a country. other than Jamaica (honorary member).

What does bro Gad mean in Jamaica?

'Brogad', the slang made popular in song by 6ix member Daddy 1, refers to a friend who becomes family.

How do Jamaicans say pretty?

Criss: Jamaican expression meaning “Pretty;” “fine;” or “okay.” Finnicky: Flighty; jumpy.

What does Bloodclaat mean?

Jamaican Creole

Literally, "blood cloth" -- traditionally, a sanitary napkin.

What Bomboclaat means?

It's also spelled bumboclaat or bomboclaat, among other spellings. It's an insulting vulgarity that literally refers to either menstrual pads or toilet paper.

What is a ratchet in Jamaica?

Ratchet knife in Jamaica is a general type of folding knife, generally German-made, considered easy to open quickly and associated with "rude boy" masculinity, the Okapi being a favourite brand. It is also used by the local Rastafari community to grind cannabis.

What does Chi Chi mean in Jamaican?

chi chi man (plural chi chi men) (Caribbean, Jamaica, slang, derogatory) A homosexual man.

What yam means?

Definition of yam

1 : the edible starchy tuberous root of various plants (genus Dioscorea of the family Dioscoreaceae) used as a staple food in tropical areas also : a plant producing yams. 2 : a moist usually orange-fleshed sweet potato.

Who introduced yam in Jamaica?

It is said that yams came to Jamaica from Africa in a Portuguese slave ship. There are up to 18 different varieties of yam are cultivated in Jamaica, and they all have a unique taste, flavour and texture.

What do Africans call yams?

Africans call yams “nyami,” which is where we get the word “yam.” They are cylindrical and vary in size. Some of the largest yams have weighed more than 100 pounds and have been several feet long. Yams have a dense white, purple, or red flesh and scaly brown skin with dark spots.

What is a dodo head?

Noun. doodoohead (plural doodooheads) (colloquial, euphemistic, childish, derogatory) An objectionable person.

What is a pudding head?

pudding-head in British English

(ˈpʊdɪŋˌhɛd ) noun. informal. a person lacking intelligence.

Is Bluey inappropriate?

This is one that all ages can enjoy. There are subjects that the parents can enjoy as well as the kids. My daughter is almost 5 and this is the only thing on Disney + that she cares to watch. I also appreciate that they are only 8 minutes long, so it's not much of a time commitment.

What is butty in slang?

countable noun. A butty is a sandwich. [British, informal]

What is a boulder head?

: a row of piles before a dike to protect it from wave erosion.

Why are Jamaicans called yardies?

The term is derived from the Jamaican patois for home or "yard". The term may have specifically originated from the crowded "government yards" of two-storey concrete homes found in Kingston and inhabited by poorer Jamaican residents, though "yard" can also refer to "home" or "turf" in general in Jamaican patois.

What is a Brata in Jamaica?

Brawta is a Jamaican saying which means a little extra. With Brawta you get more!

What does bun mean in Jamaica?

If someone gives you BUN it means that person has cheated on you. Macka Diamond did a song called "Bun Him" in which she is saying if a man gives you bun (if a man cheats on you) then "BUN HIM" (do the same to him and cheat too)

What does Fass mean in Jamaica?

nosy; inquisitive quotations ▼ Yuh too fass. Yuh fi stay outta people business. You're too nosy.

What does cha cha mean in Jamaican?

CHA! or CHO! : a disdainful expletive (1) pshaw! ( 2) very common, mild explanation expressing impatience, vexation or disappointment. ( 5)

What does talawa mean in Jamaican?

The name Talawa comes from a Jamaican patois saying "Me lickle but me talawa", meaning to be small but strong.

Why do Jamaicans say Badman?

Badman is a word that was originally used in Kingston, Jamaica in the 1980s ska and Jamaican dancehall cultures. It was used to describe an anti-social youth who was non law-abiding and was feared by others. They were often gang members.

What does Fluffy mean in Jamaican?

In Jamaica on the other hand, the word fluffy gained a new meaning when it became associated with women of a particular body size, specifically women who have above average body sizes.

How do you show respect in Jamaica?

Etiquette and Manners in Jamaica

Men often pat each other's shoulder or arm during the greeting process or while conversing. Address people by their honorific title (Mr., Mrs., or Miss) and their surname until a personal relationship has developed. Always wait until invited before using someone's first name.

Why do Jamaicans say respect?

“In Jamaica, we often use the word 'respect' when we greet or part ways with other people, no matter who they are or where they come from. We say this word because we mean it. We respect you as a person because we are all made in God's image, and we seek to show appreciation for your value.

What does Bam Bam mean in Jamaican?

(The meaning of the phrase “What a bam bam” is slippery: Sister Nancy uses it to mean something along the lines of “What a ruckus.”)

What does Toto mean in Jamaican?

Toto (also referred to as tuoto and toe-toe bulla) is a small coconut cake in Jamaican cuisine served as a snack or dessert. The cake is typically prepared with shredded coconut, brown sugar, flour, baking soda and powder, and coconut milk.

What does whining mean in Jamaica?

The term 'whining' refers to a provocative dance that usually involves a woman gyrating and grinding with/without a man to dancehall music, often occurring in clubs in the Afro-Caribbean community around the world.

How do Jamaican say bye?

'Inna di morrows'

Used when saying goodbye. The literal translation would be 'In the tomorrows', meaning 'see you later'.

How do you respond to Wagwan in Jamaica?

It is used throughout the Jamaican diaspora, including in hip-hop culture and by reggae music fans. The standard response is nagwan / nuttin nah gwaan (“nothing is going on”).

What does the term yam mean?

ˈyam. : an edible starchy root that is an important food in tropical areas. also : a plant producing yams. : a sweet potato with moist usually orange flesh.

What does yam stand for?

What does YAM stand for?
Rank Abbr.Meaning
YAMYou Are Mine
YAMYelling at Me
YAMYoung Adult Ministries
YAMYet Another Mailer (Amiga e-mail client)
11 more rows

What does Su Su mean in Jamaica?

A susu or sou-sou or osusu or asue (also known as a merry-go-round, Partner or Pawdna in Jamaica and sol in Haiti)) is a form of rotating savings and credit association, a type of informal savings club arrangement between a small group of people who take turns by "throwing hand", as the partners call it.

What is the meaning of yam in a relationship?

*yam(you and me) *mosh(my only sweetheart)

Why are Black Country people called yam yams?

Dialect and accent

People living in Birmingham often refer to Black Country folk as Yam Yams because they say 'yow am' or 'yow'm' instead of 'you are', whereas the term 'Brummie', used to refer to people from Birmingham, is derived from 'Brummagem' - traditional Black Country speak for Birmingham.

Where do people call it yams?

African slaves had already been calling the 'soft' sweet potatoes 'yams' because they resembled the yams in Africa. Thus, 'soft' sweet potatoes were referred to as 'yams' to distinguish them from the 'firm' varieties.

What is a susu in English?

noun. Su·​su ˈsü-(ˌ)sü plural Susu or Susus. : a member of a West African people of Mali, Guinea, and the area along the northern border of Sierra Leone.

What does it mean when a girl says Su?

The original intended meaning of SU on Snapchat is "Shut Up." This slang is generally used for asking someone to stop talking.

Is Jamaican a yam?

Yellow yam, also known as Jamaican yam or Guinea yam, is a tropical root vegetable that originated in Africa and spread to the Caribbean by way of slaves. It is a part of “ground provisions”, which is usually a pot of various boiled root vegetables and flour dumplings that is traditionally eaten with Jamaican meals.

Who brought yams to Jamaica?

It is said that yams came to Jamaica from Africa in a Portuguese slave ship. There are up to 18 different varieties of yam are cultivated in Jamaica, and they all have a unique taste, flavour and texture.

What is fufu called in Africa?

Fufu made in Cote d'Ivoire

In the French-speaking regions of Cameroon, it is called “couscous” (not to be confused with the North African dish couscous). A similar staple in the African Great Lakes region is ugali. It is usually made from maize flour (masa), and is also eaten in Southern Africa.

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